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  • Rethink Family Medicine, Primary Care & Patient Care

    Primary Care Portland

    Rethink Family Medicine, Primary Care & Patient Care Rethink Primary Care & Family Medicine: When Small Is Better Primary Care at Merritt Health and Wellness LLC, Portland, OR Welcome to our primary care micro medical practice. A micro practice is a primary care and family medicine office that employs very little staff.  As a result, we strive Continue Reading

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  • MHW Quality Scores From Q-Corp and Meaningful Use

    When we apply for Patient Centered Primary Care Home (PCPCH) status every 2 years part of the standards include making quality scores available to patients. We as health care providers are measured in many different ways, through PCPCH, Providence Health reports, Oregon Health Care Quality Corporation (Q-Corp), and by the Oregon Health Authority/Health and Human Continue Reading

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  • Learn More About Our Less Is More Approach

    Reimagining Primary Care: When Small Is Beautiful The above article outlines the reason behind our unconventional clinic design. What makes these practices different? 1) Each is based on relationship quality rather than production volume; as a result, each is smaller than the average U.S. practice 2) Visits are longer and the doctor may provide a Continue Reading

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  • MHW Controlled Substance Information

    MHW Controlled Substance Agreement If you are in need of controlled substances and we agree to prescribe to you, you will be asked to review and sign this form. ALL FamilyCare patients requiring chronic pain medication will be enrolled into the Quest Integrative WISH Program. All of our providers like to limit the use of Continue Reading

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Frequent Follow Up Helps Weight Loss
The United States Preventative Task Force and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services recommend frequent follow up visits in the increments of once, twice or 4 times a month to help support and assist in weight loss and weight management.
Avoiding Artificial Sweeteners and Sweet Drinks
Although artificial sweeteners do not provide any caloric benefit, it is believed that consumption of such products (except stevia, xylitol, and alcohol sugars) will lead to elevated insulin levels and decreased blood sugar which then will lead to the craving of carbohydrate rich foods. This will cause weight loss to stop and possibly cause the accumulation of fat.
Finding An Exercise You Enjoy
Not everyone finds running, biking or going to the gym enjoyable. It is very important to find the type of exercise or activity that will make you excited to do it. You will not only have more fun doing the activity but you will also be more likely to continue to perform that activity more frequently, which helps your weight loss and vitality.
Getting In Depth Metabolic Testing
There is something that online programs and traditional weight loss programs can't do, and that is receive and interpret your metabolic testing. Seth Merritt is one of only a small handful of board prepared weight management specialists, and he will assist you in finding things that help explain weight gain and the struggle behind your weight loss success.