MHW Quality Scores From Q-Corp and Meaningful Use

When we apply for Patient Centered Primary Care Home (PCPCH) status every 2 years part of the standards include making quality scores available to patients.

We as health care providers are measured in many different ways, through PCPCH, Providence Health reports, Oregon Health Care Quality Corporation (Q-Corp), and by the Oregon Health Authority/Health and Human Services through Meaningful Use standards.

Here you can find some of our Q-Corp and Meaningful Use scores.

The numbers for some measures are incomplete due to the way we sometimes chart, the screening forms we use, the types of labs we order, etc. which are unable to be measured by some of these outfits.

Group and Clinic Scores

Seth PQRS PF PCPCH 2A 2016

Brooke PQRS PF PCPCH 2A 2016

Kelly PQRS PF PCPCH 2A 2016

Lindsey PQRS PF PCPCH 2A 2016

Kristine PQRS PF PCPCH 2A 2016

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Seth Merritt is a Family Nurse Practitioner who specializes in weight management and supporting healthy lifestyles.