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Lindsey Wismer

Functional Integrative Medicine Women’s Health Medical Weight Loss

Functional Medicine Women’s Health Medical Weight Loss

Lindsey Wismer obtained her credentials as both an Adult and a Women’s Health Care Nurse Practitioner. She graduated from MGH Institute of Health Professions in Boston, MA. Prior to graduate school, Lindsey Wismer received her undergraduate degree in Exercise & Sport Science from Oregon State University. Additionally, Lindsey Wismer is a certified personal trainer, a group exercise instructor, and a former basketball coach. Lindsey Wismer’s current pursuits include advanced training certifications in Functional Medicine, and Menopause.

Personal Goals

Being a health care provider has always been a personal goal for Lindsey Wismer. She is grateful to blend that intent with her passion for teaching exercise. Lindsey Wismer has a special interest in Women’s Health that includes expertise in contraceptive options. She does see male patients as well. Through education and positive lifestyle habits Lindsey Wismer helps her patients. Also putting great focus on preventative services, Lindsey Wismer strives to create trusting partnerships with her patients. And help them reduce their prescription medication list as much as possible. Hence, Lindsey Wismer wants each of her patients to feel heard. Also a goal is for more patient options for medical needs. Patients leave the the room feeling empowered about their own health.

Lindsey Wismer is taking new patients. She looks forward to helping you achieve optimal health in conjunction with all of your other health providers.

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What Is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine treats the whole body system and not just the symptoms. It looks for and identifies the cause of the problem or disease after gathering in-depth information about the patient, listening to his/her life story and medical history of the family. It at times uses medical
equipment and analyses lab tests to reach the cause of the disease to suggest the best nutrition plan, supplements and lifestyle coaching to the patient. Functional medicine assesses the food, the detoxification processes, the hormones as well as the cardio and metabolic energy of the patient’s body. To learn more click here.

The treatment is matched, complemented and incorporated into the patient's lifestyle. This is a most natural form of treatment and at times becomes difficult for the patient to follow on a  regular basis. The practitioner prefers to meet the patient in their homes or where ever they are comfortable. This relaxes the patient and ensures a better rate of success of the treatment plan.

Western Med

Western medicine employs the use of chemical formulations and salts to stop or curb the symptoms. Such a medication does not fix the problem entirely as it works on the superficial level. It more often than not creates other complications in the patient's body by disturbing other vital parameters of the system. In functional medicine, a different approach is adopted. Rather than concentrating on quietening the symptoms, the practitioner looks for the causes which trigger inflammation and disease. The diagnosis is based on the most up to date
research. Once the object is identified, the things or factors relating to the cause are healed completely. This is done by adding the required nutrients to the diet which were missing in the body. The infection and allergy-causing items and toxic chemicals are removed from the menu
and replaced with digestive enzymes, vitamins and minerals, and healthy bacteria. Care is taken to balance hormones and improve brain health. Functional medicine helps find the real cause of disease so that it can be genuinely healed for lifelong.

Functional Medicine Integrative Portland

Functional Integrative Medicine Women’s Health Medical Weight Loss

What is a Nurse Practitioner?

Nurse Practitioners are the health partners chosen by millions in the US. They efficiently combine their knowledge of traditional and alternative medicine in treating health issues with an added focus on preventing disease.


It is mandatory for all NPs to complete a master’s degree program, and undergo advanced
To learn more click here.

Women’s Health Care Alternative Medicine

The women's health care patients that the practitioners see are very unsure whether they are making the right health care choices available for women. When alternative medicine practitioners advice patients on women's health care they develop a sense of trust. We feel we can help in a better way to performing and delivering women health care.

Why alternative medicine?

Many women do not trust the regular women health care provided to them, but they are leery of alternative medicine. They are initially reluctant to try this form of medicine even though they may be seeking alternative health care. They do not feel comfortable to tell
their doctor about it and are less likely to confide in him.

A lot of women feel at a loss when it comes to regular health care. The fact is that the health care system is going through a drastic change. It is shifting focus from traditional to alternative medicine and combining the two streams for useful results. The integrative medicine is bringing the change, and we can be an agent of that change.


Practice peace of mind. Practice remaining still and quiet for at least ten minutes every day. This time spent in quietness will boost physical, mental, and emotional health. Maintain focus on deep breathing, allowing the air to flow into the lungs and the oxygen to reach and nourish all cells and tissues and the brain.

What are alternative, complementary and integrative medicine?

To comprehend and fully understand the difference, it is necessary we get their meanings right.


Traditional is what most of us grew up with. It follows the fundamental principle; you fall sick, feel a substantial change or meet with an accident; you go to the doctor. The doctor or physician treats that particular problem by prescription drugs or surgery — you find relief
and go back home. This, no doubt, has been a remarkably successful system and has helped millions get rid of diseases, infections, and discomfort. Preventative medicine is now the talk of the town.

It works on the adage ‘prevention is better than cure'. The disease can be prevented if you eat a balanced diet, exercise and move your body every day and stay safe. Scientific advances like the mapping of DNA may change and maintain this healthy approach to life in the future. Traditional doctors receive rigorous training to diagnose and treat trauma or illness, but no training is provided on the complexities of how the patient got the disease.


Functional medicine adopts a patient-centered approach; it does not address an isolated set of symptoms. The practitioners look at the "whole" person — mind, body, and spirit combined — to identify underlying imbalances that cause disease. Treatment suggested is the least invasive and most natural.

It augments good health, fosters a well-balanced, well-nourished body that can fight infections and resist disease; heal faster, age gracefully and rarely if ever need more radical intervention. Many leading hospitals now offer what is termed as complementary and alternative medicine.


Integrative medicine pairs Western medicine and alternative therapies. We can say with confidence that in integrative medicine lies the future of pharmacy.

Integrative medicine is now considered as a part of the syllabi at 28 primary medical schools around the United States.
A branch of integrative medicine, known as functional medicine, is the guiding principle of our practice at Merritt Health and Wellness.


The main reason for bringing integrative medicine to your life is simple – to make you healthier. Taken individually, both traditional and alternative practices have their boons and banes. But when paired together they provide a synergy that can transform healthcare and bring it to new heights of achievements and success.

Together they can fill you with vitality, naturally, for the rest of your life. And that's important. A recent eight-year- long study on U.S. adult health-related quality of life reports that we are living longer but feeling worse.

The drugs used to increase growth and keep us disease free have side effects that are often fatal and gradually diminish the
quality of life.


During our stint as a health care practitioner, we see this every day. Women, whose tests are "normal" by current standards, feel and know that something is wrong with their bodies. But the disease has not yet shown up, and no symptoms are visible. They are just on the
threshold. Merely adding daily food supplements and making changes in diet and lifestyle have helped such patients.

Conventional medicine is very effective at disease screening and identification and often provides useful treatment in acute conditions. But specific drug-induced treatment when used exclusively, in our view, makes it more likely you'll get sick again or develop another complication due to the prolonged use and side effect of the medication.


At Merritt Health and Wellness we integrate these methods seamlessly to deliver optimal health to our patients.

Irrespective of whether or not you’ve tried alternative health care, the best way to get results if through integrative medicine.


Maybe you already have one, but, if not, ask your friends for references and find an alternative therapy practitioner you can consult and talk too freely. Some physicians may feel threatened by a patient's need to bring in other practitioners onto their team of consultants.


All said and done about alternate therapies; you must not ignore the value of health check- ups for disease screening, and you must not self diagnose. Like we said earlier, traditional medicine has its advantages, and quick diagnosis is one of them.


When it comes to your health, your body knows best, and you are the expert. If you have a health issue but the plan of treatment sounds worse to you and does not suit you, go ahead and discuss options. If you know something doesn't feel right, but your tests are standard,
don't avoid your body's wisdom. Everyone is unique.

Each one has to find out what works for him/her the best. Sometimes it is best to use the standard approach, but at certain times it is not. Hence give a chance to alternative medicine and to natural methods (incorporating changes in food and adding food supplements) have time to get traction.