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Holistic Women’s Health Care Functional Medicine

Dana is a graduate from Yale University’s School of Nursing as a Family Nurse Practitioner in 1996. Since then she has provided holistic gynecological/sexual health services in Portland at All Women’s Health Services, Downtown Gynecology and Downtown Women’s Center. She also worked for 13 years at Old Town Clinic, helping mostly homeless adults with their primary health care needs.

Arvigo Techniques of Mayan Abdominal Therapy®

She has been a student of western herbal medicine since 1997, and is also a certified practitioner of The Arvigo Techniques of Mayan Abdominal Therapy®, a calming, external massage technique which helps with many pelvic, gastrointestinal, low back, and emotional conditions. This work has been an important part of her practice since 2009. More recently, she has been excited to discover Functional Medicine, a patient centered approach to healing, which focuses on rooting out the underlying cause of our health concerns by addressing lifestyle and environmental issues.

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Personal Goals

She believes that a health exam is only partly about detecting problems and treating symptoms. Her visits with patients are largely about education, self-empowerment and prevention. When treatment is necessary, she is able to provide options to allow her patients to choose the path that best suits their needs and desires. Her goal is to create a supportive and respectful practice which fosters her patients’ curiosity, knowledge and inner strength.

With her spare time, she enjoys dancing, tending her garden, riding her bicycle and watching her daughter grow. She volunteers with local environmental organizations and her favorite volunteer job is helping to manage wildlife cameras in the Mt Hood National Forest. She speaks Spanish and is dedicated to building a practice which is welcoming to all, regardless of color, language, age, gender status, sexual orientation, etc.

For more information, please visit her website at www.danamozer.com

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What Is Functional Medicine?

In Functional Medicine, the focus is laid on identifying the causes of disease rather than just treating the symptoms. Functional Medicine revolves around the patient. Using the DIG IN style, we gather as much possible information and health history from the patient. We work as a team to hear to their story in an attempt to find the exact cause of the illness. If necessary, we use state of the art lab tests and theory to help achieve optimum health.

Functional Medicine includes devising a nutrition plan, adding supplements, providing health coaching to heal the root of your issue. Functional Medicine assesses Food, Detoxification, Hormones, Energy, Cardio, Metabolic, and above all Gut Health. To learn more click here.

Many natural treatments may not be easy to follow due to various options available. We match the therapy to the patient’s liking and requirement. We meet the patient where ever they are in comfortable surroundings. This helps the patient to move over to see and feel the success rather than feeling overwhelmed with the treatment plan.

Western Med

The age-old Western medicine most often only uses prescriptions to treat symptoms. Symptoms are like the tip of the iceberg just a bit shows on the surface while 90% of the issues are hidden and develop into chronic diseases gradually. However, Western medicine doesn’t fix the problem entirely; instead, it often creates other problems by not reaching the root, leading cause.

In functional medicine, we take a different approach. Rather than covering up symptoms through chemical formulations, we look for the causes of inflammation and disease. We use the most up to date diagnostic research on the disease.

Once we know what triggers the sickness in the patient, we remove the things that create strife in the body. We add the things that your body is missing from your diet. We remove hidden infections, allergens, toxic chemicals, and foods that you are sensitive to replacing them with digestive enzymes, vitamins and nutrients, and healthy bacteria. We also balance hormones and add feeds to promote brain health.

In functional medicine, we help find the real cause of disease, so that you can truly heal.

Functional Medicine Integrative Portland

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What is a Nurse Practitioner?

Health partners who have become the choice for millions in the US are called Nurse Practitioners. They combine knowledge in treating health issues with an added focus on disease prevention thus bringing a comprehensive perspective to health care.


It is mandatory for all NPs to complete a master’s degree program, and undergo advanced training.To learn more click here.

Women’s Health Care Alternative Medicine

The women’s health care patients we see were are more often not sure if the health care choices they make are the best. But when patients get women’s health care from us as they experience a sense of wellness and realize it is a better way. We feel we can help find the best option for each patient in administering women’s health care.

Why alternative medicine?

Many females have disdain for average women’s health care options available, but at the same time are leery of alternative medicine. Also many are love to seek alternative health care but don’t feel like telling their doctor about it.

Hence, a lot of women feel lost with standard health care plans, not knowing what the best they should adopt is. But the truth is that the health care system is going through a period of change. This is called functional medicine or integrative medicine. Hence, we can be an agent of that change.


It is advisable to practice being still. Spend as little as ten minutes a day as quiet time in solitude to give yourself physical, mental, and emotional health. Focus on deep breathing, which allows oxygen to reach all cells and tissues and also quietens the mind. This exercise will also allow space for your inner voice to emerge and guide you in your life.

What are alternative, complementary and integrative medicine?

To understand the difference between the three, first of all, let’s get some terms straight.


Classic is what most of us grew up with. If we fall sick, feeling unwell or suffer an accident, we go to the doctor. The specialist of that field treats that particular problem usually through prescriptions, drugs or surgery.

No doubt, this has been a remarkably successful system all these years ridding the world of diseases and infections. But, Preventative medicine is now a buzzword; advocating eat less and healthy, exercise more and take an aspirin or other “safe” drug every day.

Scientific advances like DNA mapping may bring a change in approach in the future. Since Traditional doctors are rigorously trained to address trauma and sickness, they do not study and comprehend the complexities of how the patient got the disease.


Practitioners advocating natural medicine look at the person as a “whole” — mind, body and spirit — to identify imbalances in the bodily system that cause disease.

The treatment they prescribe is the least invasive and based on the most natural ways. This fosters a well-balanced, well-nourished body that becomes capable of resisting disease, fight infection, heal faster and age gracefully. Such people may rarely if ever need more radical intervention.

Many leading hospitals are now open to offering what they call the complementary and alternative medicine.


Integrative medicine is a blend of the good practices of both, the Western medicine and alternative therapies. By the successes received, we can say with confidence that integrative medicine is the future of healthcare. It has now been made a part of the curriculum at 28 primary medical schools around the United States.

At Merritt Health and Wellness, the functional medicine which is a branch of integrative medicine is the guiding principle.


The sole reason to bring integrative medicine into practice is to make people healthy and healthier. Benefits and limitations are found in both, traditional as well as alternative medicine; but when practiced in unison, they provide a synergy that can transform health from better to best. This functional integration can fill you with vitality, naturally, to keep you in the pink of health for the rest of your life; and that’s an important fact.

A recent eight-year study on quality of life of adults in the U.S. states that we are living longer but feeling worse. The drugs we take during illness have side effects that often diminish our quality of life as well as shorten it.


During our practice, we see this every day. Women come to us with tests reports showing all parameters “normal” by current standards, but they don’t feel cheerful and healthy. They know that something is wrong. We notice that most of them are on the verge of developing serious health issues. They may not have reached the disease threshold yet to create visible symptoms. Simple changes like adding food supplements and making changes in their daily diet and lifestyle have helped our patients feel better.

Disease and acute conditions may best be treated through conventional medicine and screening as this provides instant relief to the patient pain. But staying with the traditional approach exclusively, in our view, is more likely to make your sickness worse in the long run.


For many years now we have seen that patients visit the complementary and alternative practitioners more often.

At Merritt Health and Wellness we integrate the conventional methods and alternate therapies seamlessly.

Whether you’ve tried alternative health care or not, the long-lasting results from integrative medicine can be availed


If you know one, talk to the practitioner; if not, ask your friends for references. Our info on talking about bioidentical hormones with your doctor provides advice about talking to a practitioner. Although some physicians may feel bad by a patient’s need to consult other practitioners onto their team; but you should proceed with the notion that knowledge is power and what matters here is your health, not your doctor’s feelings.


We advise not to go with self-diagnose. You must not ignore the value of health check-ups for disease screening.


You know your body best, and when it comes to your health, you are the expert. If the plan of treatment you are following for your health issue is not giving desired results, and doesn’t suit you or makes you feel worse, discuss options with a practitioner for alternate therapy. If you know something doesn’t feel right, but your tests are standard, don’t ignore your body’s wisdom, take a second opinion. This is a perfect time to begin looking into alternative medicine.

Everyone is different; unique. You have to find what works for you. Sometimes a standard approach may be the best option, but sometimes it is not. Hence give time and study and explore natural methods (food changes and food supplement) Have time to get traction.