Rethink Family Medicine, Primary Care & Patient Care

Rethink Family Medicine, Primary Care & Patient Care

Rethink Primary Care & Family Medicine: When Small Is Better

Primary Care at Merritt Health and Wellness LLC, Portland, OR

Welcome to our primary care micro medical practice. A micro practice is a primary care and family medicine office that employs very little staff.  As a result, we strive for a better provider/doctor/nurse practitioner and patient/client care team. Also this is referred to as an ideal medical practice (IMP).

Integrative Functional Medicine Primary Care

Integrative Functional Medicine Primary Care

Seth Merritt, NP

Founded in Portland, OR in 2012 by Seth Merritt, NPMerritt Health and Wellness LLC was a true micro practice. So Seth juggled medicine, website design, patient schedules, phone calls, and billings by himself for the first 2 years. Also Seth’s focus is on integrative medicine/functional medicine/alternative medicine. But he also has a passion for obesity medicine/weight loss/medical weight management, natural cholesterol management. Hence, he knows a lot about chronic digestion issues/IBS/IBD/leaky gut syndrome/dysbiosis/gut health.

Finally, in 2014 Seth felt it was time to grow so more patients had access to great care. So Merritt Health and Wellness brought aboard Seth’s brother Ryan Merritt with 2 decades of restaurant and banking management. As a result, Ryan oversees patient schedules, phone calls, and clinic management and billings.

Lindsey Wismer, NP

Mostly, adding Ryan to help manage the clinic helped MHW add Lindsey Wismer, NP to our club. Lindsey’s passions include women’s healthcare, bioidentical hormones, obesity medicine/weight loss/medical weight management. Also an interest in integrative medicine/functional medicine/alternative medicine. Most of all she treats SIBO, chronic digestion issues/IBS/IBD/leaky gut syndrome/dysbiosis/gut health.

Finally, in 2014 MHW added Thad Merritt as a Personal Trainer. Most of all a PT helps with strength training, HIIT home routines as well as weight loss.

Kelly Washburn, NP

MHW grew in 2015 when we added Kelly Washburn, NP who specializes in LGBTQ and Trans gender Medicine. Also Kelly treats with cross gender hormones for trans gender and gender non conforming patients. And, Kelly is a Diabetes Specialist and Endocrine Specialist.

Mrs. Washburn works out of the second Merritt Health and Wellness clinic at 5736 NE Glisan St, in Portland, OR. Most of all Kelly Washburn works closely with driven patients to create focused treatment plans.

Dr. Kristine Griess, DO

Dr. Kristine Griess, DO has been a family medicine doctor and osteopathic medicine primary care physician since 1999. Finally, Dr. Griess started seeing patients at MHW in 2015. But she has always been a big part of Merritt Health and Wellness. Since 2012 she has helped Seth Merritt choose the space for the clinic as well as worked on the small stuff. So, she is a huge part of why and how Merritt Health and Wellness has been a success. Therefore, Seth Merritt, her loving husband, is grateful for her daily.

Although Dr. Griess does not perform manipulation, she uses that background knowledge for all her patients. Most of all, Dr. Griess has a passion for learning about integrative medicine/functional medicine/alternative medicine.

Dana Mozer, NP

MHW again grew in 2017 when we added Dana Mozer, NP.  First of all, her focus is in women’s healthcareand Arvigo Techniques of Mayan Abdominal Therapy (ATMAT)®. Dana has a passion for integrative medicine/functional medicine/alternative medicine. Therefore, she has been a student of western herbal treatments since 1997. As a result, her visits with patients are largely to educate. Also her treatment provides options to allow her patients to choose the path that best suits their needs. Finally, her goal is for support and respect which fosters her patients’ learning, knowledge and inner strength.

Melissa Lynett Federspiel, NP

Also in 2017 we added a seasoned nurse practitioner Melissa Lynett Federspiel, NP to the 5736 NE Glisan St clinic. Most of all, we like that she has over a decade of serving primary care in the Portland area.  Also she offers her knowledge in family medicine, primary care, addiction, mental health, chronic disease and acute/urgent care. As a result she hopes to build trust with her patients to help them achieve their best health. Hence, she believes in taking the time to listen and get to know her patients.

How Are We Different?

We welcome you to our unique clinic structure:

1) First of all, visits are based on quality rather than volume. As a result, we strive to build a better primary care home with our patients. We find that more time with our patients is the single best treatment we can offer. Our appts do not feel rushed and we can cover more topics and educate in a way that is helpful.

2) Also, visits are longer (twice as long as normal medical visits) and the doctor/medical provider/nurse practitioner may provide a broader range of care with little to no support staff. This is do able with our use of online web sites, online schedules, online patient intake, and a HIPPA secure patient portal.

3) And, our clinic structure allows success without having more patients.  As a result, the medical staff can keep a smaller panel of patients.

4) Most of all, while we attempt to offer better care to our patients with our model, we also add to our own home and work lives.

Also we feel that patients thrive in our unique style of care and we enjoy great feedback and patient reviews here in Portland, OR.

If you have any questions feel free to email Ryan or visit us online HERE to schedule an appt or find out more.

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Seth Merritt is a Family Nurse Practitioner who specializes in weight management and supporting healthy lifestyles.