The Rising of Adolescent Obesity and the Need for the Right Treatment

The Rising of Adolescent Obesity and the Need for the Right Treatment

Obesity is an excess body fat. In adults percentage of obese people is very high. Alone in America, one-third of the total population is suffering from this health condition and even children and adolescents are under its effect. This is a health condition that all developing countries are struggling with hard.  Around 35 million children around the world have developed obesity, this clearly shows that socioeconomic and cultural diversities have no effect on its cause.

There exist numerous factors that become the root cause of the obesity in children and adolescents. Sometimes genes, sometimes lifestyle and poor eating habits. All contribute to the accumulation of fat in the body and at right time its treatment is necessary to prevent future illness and healthy life.

Factors Influencing Adolescents Obesity

Adolescents lifestyle faces too many challenges and staying fit and healthy is the prime requirement. Behavior and lifestyle is one the most concerned topic that causes obesity in them. With technology advancement teens are spending more time in front of television, laptops or tablets. This behavioral change minimises the physical activity and increases the sedentary activities.

The genetic problem in parents can also lead to obesity in children. Genes play a very pivotal role in defining an obese body. While treating obese children and adolescents, the genetic component has a very important role to play.

During pregnancy excessive weight gain or Type2 diabetes in mother is another factor for obesity in children and adolescents. An obese child develops into an obese adolescent and ultimately an obese adult. The chain has a very strong bonding that does require an immediate visit to adolescent obesity clinic in Oregon to fight off the excess fat as early as possible.

Risk Factors Associated with Adolescent Obesity

The news of the rise of obesity in adolescents is very disheartening. It is not just that obesity health condition alters the look of the person but the association of it with so many diseases is highly risky for the betterment of their lives. Health conditions that are more likely to occur in adolescents are:

  • Heart Disease and other cardiovascular diseases
  • Insulin resistance and diabetes
  • High cholesterol level and high blood pressure
  • Joints pains and sleep disorder like sleep apnea
  • Anxiety and depression due to poor self-esteem

As we have learnt that obesity is a disaster health condition that influences physical and mental health focusing on weight loss alone is another mistake they could make. Emphasising on weight loss over health should be immediately ignored. The study has shown that instant losing weight in adolescents leads to numerous health conditions like anorexia and cardiac symptoms.The process of losing weight need to be practical and achievable. One should focus on a healthy diet and active lifestyle to acquire a fit body.

Role of Oregon Obesity Treatment Center in Managing Adolescent Obesity

With time and advancement in technologies, adolescent obesity center Oregon embraces the latest methods to fight off the excess fat from the body and develop a healthy lifestyle in teens. Four basic strategies that Oregon Obesity treatment Center inculcate in treating adolescent are:

Complete Personality Development: Any weight loss journey is successful only when health is the prime focus and not losing kgs. Good nutrition, active life, regular exercise and healthy eating are the key components of losing weight. Clinicians focus on complete development and achievement and teach the lesson to celebrate self with correct eating and staying happy.

Enjoy Family Eating Time: The feeling of sitting together with family and eating fresh and healthy meals is simply superb. Parents must inculcate this habit to avoid outside food and sugary drinks. Doctors at clinic emphasize this aspect greatly.

Say No To Dieting: Clinicians at very early stage make sure that calorie counting is good but the intake of only low-calorie food means boosting obesity when adolescents return to normal diet. Eating healthy, nutritive and mostly plants are what that actually helps in removing the extra fat.

No Talks About Weight: Parents plays a very important role in developing a healthy life for children and adolescents. As a parent one should never degrade obese people and give so much importance to losing weight. They must emerge as a role model who puts attention on the happy and thriving body.

Treating Adolescent Obesity at Home

We very well understand the importance of prevention than cure. This would be applicable to adolescent obesity too. At home, children must be given a healthy eating habit since childhood days that restrict the development of obesity in teens. Here are a few tips on how to deal with it:

Parents are the role models for children. When parents eat healthily, kids too adopt the same habit.
Stocking up healthy food at home is another way to offer the only energising foods to the kids.

Having control over eating and offer the portion sizes that are appropriate to the age. Reduction of sweetened drinks and beverages is a great way to cut off calories.

Say no to eating as a reward for achievement. Mould the actual way of celebration and drift away from unhealthy eating.
Less screen time and more play time.

In a nutshell, adolescent obesity somewhere begins at home but no time is wrong to recognise it and get the treatment from the effective place. Oregon Obesity Treatment Center is all about providing functional guidance to adolescents and their parent. A team of physician, dietitian, exercise expert and counsellor works together to treat this ghastly health condition.