Integrative Functional Medicine as Future of Alternative Healthcare System

Integrative Functional Medicine as Future of Alternative Healthcare System

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Functional Medicine, Integrative Medicine as Future of Healthcare

In the 21st Century, different forms of alternative healthcare medicine such as integrative medicine, functional medicine and preventative medicine are rising tremendously.  The kinds of alternative healthcare medicine are well recognised by the practitioners worldwide and they focus on it greatly. They view it as the future of medicine and consider it as a holistic health improvement means. Physicians are now focussing on the cause of the diseases rather than just concentrating on treating the disease. This approach is sure to bring a boom in the healthcare medicine.

Let us understand what are the various forms of alternative healthcare medicine and their role in holistic health improvement.

Role of Integrative Medicine in Treating Patients

Integrative medicine is a treatment approach where the focus is not just treating the symptoms. In this type of medical care, the core cause of the disease is considered an emphasis is put on healing it. Overall, it is all about healing the mind, body and soul to promote well being of the patient.  This kind of medicine is not applicable to patients only but to those also who believe in taking prevention rather than falling sick. Integrative medicine is a strong resource for health prevention who actively seeks holistic health.

Integrative medicine embrace combination of health care practices and treatment methods for an overall growth of the patients. Chronic disease in patients many a time leave too much stress and anxiety in them. Through this kind of treatment, all these restlessness are curbed easily. Modalities such as acupuncture, massage therapy, meditation, yoga, visual imagery and nutrition consultation are the basics of treating patients. Integrative healthcare center believes that poor choices in maintaining health are the core cause of the modern chronic disease.

Role of Functional Medicine in Treating Patients

Functional medicine to a far extent walks on the path of integrative medicine but the difference lies in understanding the root cause of disease. Functional medicine is an integrative approach that works in the personalised frame of the patient. They do not deny the benefits of conventional medicine but heal the patients using the combination of conventional medicine and holistic health management. This discipline of treating patients prioritise the patient and offer a distinct and unique treatment plan.

Practitioners develop a relationship with the patient and view their history in detail in functional medicine. The foundation of functional medicine lies in prioritising the patient and observe them thoroughly. They make use of medical research evidence and analyse the patient from inside-out. Dealing with all the internal and external factors like genes, lifestyle, physiology and history they evaluate and build treatment method. Similar to integrative medicine, functional medicine too treats an individual patient and not just the disease.  Thus, through lifestyle management, clinical advice and laboratory testing best medical practice offer niche treatment.

Integrative Medicine vs Functional Medicine

Though we have learnt about the integrative medicine and functional medicine and came to a conclusion that both are very similar. There exists a very fine and prominent difference between the two. Integrative medicine not only considers disease as the problem but studies environmental factors too that contributes to the health deterioration. They focus on emotional health and stress too. Whereas, functional medicine deals with holistic development. Medical practitioners identify the cause, suggests treatment based medicine and also incorporates healthy lifestyle to bring a balance.

Role of Preventative Medicine in Treating Patients

Preventative or Preventive Medicine- the word itself says it all. ‘Prevention is always better than cure’, this saying well fits with this kind of alternative healthcare world is emphasising on. Preventative medicine embraces the ideology of protecting the health and maintaining a healthy lifestyle that promotes self-growth and happiness. Considering biostatistics, epidemiology, behavioural, social, medical sciences- preventative medicine practitioners evaluate treatment method.

Preventative medicine is that branch of alternative healthcare medicine that focuses on patient and their surrounding factors for treatment. This type of alternative healthcare medicine is crucial to keep chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease at bay thus adapting it is imperative for a healthy life.  It is the field of alternative healthcare medicine that not only keeps the risk of chronic diseases at bay but also reduces the healthcare costs.

How Alternative Healthcare Medicine Initiates Holistic health

So, far we have learned about the kinds of alternative healthcare medicine gaining popularity these days and also heard about the ultimate goal of achieving holistic health. Let us gain some deeper knowledge about the importance of holistic health in life.

Holistic health means acquiring a balance in life and not just the absence of disease. A body comprises of a support system that encourages healthy life and this support system involves body, mind, spirit and emotions.  All the elements of the body are treated with great attention by putting emphasis on complete body development.  Here, just the alleviation of disease or symptoms is not the holistic approach to staying well. When we discuss holistic development a balance of body’s health is needed to maintain otherwise if balance disturbs problems will occur. This balancing involves correct posture, stress-free life, toxin removal, exercise, nutrition, healthy habits like no consumptions of alcohol or smoking or any other drugs and many more. Finally, balancing life among various demands of climatic factors and personal desire is the win towards holistic health.

Practicing holistic health means understanding and eliminating the factors contributing to the imbalance in life.  Integrating functional medicine to achieve holistic health means considering an individual’s biological cause and external factors. Identifying the root cause and the relationship between them is the best approach to maintaining a happy and content life.

Functional medicine and holistic health together regulate a body full of vigour and vitality.


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